Rainier Fiber™ Stabilized Mulch Matrix

Rainier Fiber™ Stabilized Mulch Matrix consists of long strand 100% virgin wood fibers along with a high strength, non-toxic, hydrocolloid-based binder. The addition of a cross-linked organic tacifier aids in providing extra holding power. The system sprays on like mulch and forms a blanket that adheres to the soil surface. When dry, the blanket matrix is porous, erosion resistant and protects the soil surface. The matrix retains its integrity and soil protection despite rewetting.

Rainier Fiber™ Stabilized Mulch Matrix loads quickly in hydroseeding equipment from easy to handle plastic bags. The fibers are sized for maximum loading in a tank, and they make a homogeneous slurry of water, seed and fertilizer. The fibers remain in suspension during agitation and pumping, and the slurry does not dewater during hose work.

The green color makes the mixed slurry visible during application, even at maximum pumping distances. This provides the operator with the ability to easily distribute an even application of material over the soil surface. The green dye added to the fiber during manufacture is non-toxic to aquatic, fish or animal life.


  • Made from selected, fresh cut, clean, 100% whole wood chips.
  • Fiber stays in uniform suspension and blends with seed and fertilizer.
  • Goes into slurry quickly.
  • Forms a stable erosion control mat.
  • Provides favorable micro-climate for fast seed germination.
  • Pumps easy in hydromulching machines.
  • Stabilized Mulch Matrix has no growth inhibiting factors.
  • Fibers decompose after plants have established.

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