biosol forte fertilizers

Biosol Forte® Fertilizers

Biosol Forte® is a natural, environmentally safe fertilizer with high organic content. Biosol Forte® is a long acting, slow release fertilizer with a well blended nutrient ratio which stimulates micro organisms. Biosol Forte® is dried, pelletized, and bagged for convenient transportation, storage and application.
Biosol Forte® is used in revegetation projects, such as Road Cuts, Mining Reclamation, High Altitude Revegetation etc.. Some other uses are Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Trees, Viticulture (cultivation of grapes), Silviculture and Vegetable Growing.


During the manufacture of various antibiotics, enzymes, proteins, etc., a nutrient broth is extracted from the active ingredients. The broth then undergoes a second fermentation of 20 – 24 hours in which the dissolved nutrients are bound in a bacterial biomass. The biomass is then separated with decanters and bentonite is added. The mass is dried at 110 – 130° C for approximately 4 – 6 hours. It is mixed with a 50% fungal biomass (see Biosol Forte® general description. Please note that potassium magnesia is not added to Biosol Forte®.), granulated and poured into 55 pound (25 kg) recyclable plastic bags. Biosol Forte® may be used in similar applications as Biosol Forte® with the exception of organic farming. Biosol Forte® is sterilized and free of weed seeds.