Hydraulically applied erosion control rainier fiber

Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control Products

FMI Sales is proud to partner with Rainier Fiber ™ to provide premium quality wood fiber mulch. Manufacturing begins with clean, western softwood chips in which fibers are separated during a high pressure defibration process that includes high temperature steam and rubbing action. The wood chips are reduced to soft, long fibers.

The combination of selected softwood chips and thermo-mechanical refining produces the finest wood fiber mulch for hydroseeding and erosion control. Additionally, the extreme heat and use of clean wood chips assures a sterile fiber to aid germination and growth of seed.

Rainier Fiber is manufactured to specific fiber sizes in a heat-controlled environment to provide best job-site performance. The fibers have physical features that tend to intertwine with each other forming a protective mulching mat.

Green dye is added to help the applicator maintain uniform coverage during application.