Eco E-Tac Soil and Mulch Binder

Eco E-Tac is a premium, polyacrylamide tacifier for bonding hydromulch or straw/hay tacking. It is also effective for dust and erosion control on flat sites. It is biodegradable and Non-Toxic. Eco E-tac meets ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for drinking water treatment. It will bind together the various components of hydromulch and create a good environment for seed germination. It is easy to use and apply.


Hydroseeding: Eco E-Tac should be applied at a minimum of 5lbs and up to 15lbs per acre. Rates will vary depending on steepness of slope or other conditions.

Straw/Hay Tacifier: Eco E-tac is mixed in slurry with fiber mulch and sprayed as a “tracer”.

Add Eco E-Tac to water before adding other ingredients.

Fiber Marketing International has researched the wide variety of tacifiers available to bring you the best, highest quality, natural tacifier for bonding mulch fibers together. Our tacifiers are safe, effective and consistent for performance in the tank and on the ground.

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