DustFloc ™ Stabilizer

DustFloc ™ is a portable soil stabilizing system used to prevent fugitive dust. It is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, natural polysaccharides. DustFloc ™ can be used as a stand alone stabilizer or in conjunction with all hydro-mulches.

Once applied, the DustFloc ™ liquid will congeal quickly and dry to form a crust on the soil surface, preventing wind erosion. It is also resistant to limited rainfall conditions. It will provide good protection for fugitive soils and PM 10 sources. Use for landfills, road banks, construction sites, stockpiled topsoil, airport runway and taxiway shoulders, helipads and most slopes and berms where vegetation has not been established.

Flat to 5:1 slopes: 40 lbs/acre
5:1 to 4:1 slopes: 60 lbs/acre
4:1 or steeper: 80 lbs/acre
*DustFloc ™ is not designed for traffic areas. Not recommended on slopes steeper than 3:1.

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